ODC Explorer Network

The ODC Explorer Network was created by the ODC Network to coordinate the nature-based, small group trips that we have been offering since 2002. Our staff lead trips to regional, national and international destinations with the help of tourism industry experts and professional nature guides to provide the best possible experience. When you travel with the us, you will be rewarded with unique encounters and memorable moments. Since we travel with a small group, we can provide experiences that may difficult to find as part of a large tour company trip.

We have high expectations for our trips and of our tour leaders. We hope that your travels with us will not be a single experience but one where you become a repeat traveler who enjoys unique lodges and great hotels, incredible food with a local touch and traveling with a group of people you will soon call friends.

Trip activities and excursions include things for people who are extremely active to those who like to take their time and enjoy. To better steer our travelers to trips that fit their wants and needs, we have developed three basic categories: Nature Explorer, Outdoor Adventurer, and Focused Specialty.

“We had such a fantastic experience with the ODC Explorer Network in Ecuador in 2010 that we joined the group going to Alaska in 2012.”
– Peter and Diane V