Nature Explorer

These trips are designed to focus on the traveler who loves landscapes, nature, learning and travel. They will provide a traveler with opportunities to be outdoors with low levels of activity and exertion. Explorations may include short hikes and touring by vehicle. More rigorous options will be available for travelers wanting a little more out of their trip.

Meet the locals
Kayaking on Glacier Bay

Outdoor Adventurer

Travelers looking for a higher level of physical activity and adventure may find these trips more appealing. Experiences may include in being more remote locations with sometimes rustic lodging. Activity options may include mountain biking, sea kayaking, small boat excursions, and moderate to hard hiking. Options will always be available for travelers who prefer a less active day to accommodate all activity levels in the over-all group.

Focused Specialty

When it comes to specialties, these may be the trips for you if you want to take amazing pictures of animals, plants, landscapes, or scenery; if adding species to your life list is a must; or if reeling in a big fish is something you have always wanted to do. Varying degrees of physical activity and lodging will be available for these trips based on the destination. Regardless of the focus, there will be ample opportunities to connect with the outdoors.

Spotting an Elegant Trogon

“Being and active person, I valued having the option to hike, bike, kayak and really explore Alaska.”
– Peter V