Guatemala Billfishing

January 31 – February 4, 2019

Guatemala sailfish and blue marlin fishing is world-class and guaranteed to excite anyone who enjoys fishing. Guatemala off-shore fishing yields an average of 15-20 sailfish a day per boat! Yes, 15-20 fish! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to support the Outdoor Discovery Center and enjoy an amazing trip!

Significant others are welcome. The pacific coast of Guatemala is warm and sunny! With an average temperature of 85 degrees it can be an enjoyable place for all. We will be staying at Pacific Fins Resort. If you don’t want to fish, you can sit by the pool and enjoy the tropical weather, food, drinks and more.

2019 Guatemala Billfishing Brochure

Costa Rica from Coast to Cloud Forest

March 21-30, 2019

Visit the 15th most biologically diverse country in the world* and be immersed in its natural and scenic beauty. Costa Rica is home to 4.5% of all of the world’s known plant and animal species yet occupies a land mass roughly the size of West Virginia.

Costa Rica boasts numerous endemic species of vertebrates and invertebrates. The country owes its high biodiversity to twelve different ecosystems which range from tropical rainforests to upland cloud forests, canyons to volcanoes and mangrove swamps to over 800 miles of coastline both on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. By no means we will see them all, but there have been 194 species of amphibians, 210 species of mammals, 218 species of reptiles, 921 species of birds and more than 35,000 species of insects identified in Costa Rica!

2019 Costa Rica Trip Brochure

Inside Passage Adventure

April 16-29, 2019

Join ODC Network CEO and Naturalist Travis Williams for this all-inclusive 14-day itinerary that starts in Ketchikan, Alaska and ends in Sitka, Alaska. We will follow the centuries old expedition routes of early explorers taking in both the natural and cultural history of the area.

It is a journey that stretches over 500 miles and winds through rugged coastline and islands. Our excursion will explore the many islands, glaciers, and temperate rainforests of Alaska’s Inside Passage. We will be traveling the migratory route of a variety of whales and birds during the peak season. There will likely be opportunities to see black and brown bears foraging on the beaches, along with wolves, moose, deer and more. Each day offers excursions with our naturalists including hiking and kayaking, beautiful anchorages in remote spots, wildlife and bird viewing, art and history, and the opportunity to simply relax and enjoy yourself. All of these adventures will be complimented by private accommodations aboard the 97’ converted minesweeper, Sea Wolf. While aboard we will have a private chef preparing all our meals, private cabins with private restrooms, and a host of first class experiences.

2019 Inside Passage Trip Brochure

Sierra Nevada Mountains

August 15-22, 2019

The Sierra Nevada Mountains stretch over 400 miles primarily in eastern California and part of the backbone of North America. They are home to three national parks, twenty wilderness areas and two national monuments. The area is also home to Lake Tahoe and the highest peak in the lower 48 states, Mt. Whitney. We will spend eight days getting to know the region by taking in majestic vistas, hiking and enjoying scenic drives. There will be something for everyone as we take in one of North America’s most beautiful regions.

2019 Sierra Nevada Mountains (Brochure Download)

“If you have a special request to see or do something the leaders go out of their way to try to fit it in.”
– Connie P